World War I  - Roll of Honour


Men of St Aidans & St George who gave their lives during the Great War.

The names listed under St George were taken from the original stone memorial removed from the old St George Church during its demolition.

Some initials have proved to be incorrect or not found, this could be due to original compilation errors or subsequent transcription errors; in these cases I have included what appears to be the most likely person.

Throughout my research I have found many others whom could have been included in this roll of honour as they were born or resident in the parish, hopefully these have been included on rolls of honour elsewhere. We should remember all of them.

Click on the names in below to find out more details about that casulty.

If you have any further details or possibly photographs or documents relatiing to any of the listed I would be please to recieve for inclusion herein.

       Men of St Aidans

Bland George
Gunter John
Hares Fredk Tom
Hawke Richard
Irvine Paget Geo.
Monckton Sidney
Nash Arthur James
Parker John Bush
Peters William Andrew George
Preston Frederick
Preston  Alfred
Smele Robert George Elijah
 Men of  St George
Ashford Harold William Thomas
Attwood Henry
Ball  Harold Sidney
Barber William John
Belsten  Frederick Spencer
Bickell Albert William
Billings Thomas John Edward
Blackmore  Arthur James Cyril
Bowie  Duncan
Britton  James Ernest
Britton  George Thomas
Burley Graham Samuel
Burnell Robert
Clarke Albert Charles
Coleman Charles Harold
Coles William (x2)
Collings Harry Colston
Collins Sydney George
Collins Thomas Henry 
Cordy Walter William
Cousell  Sidney V
Cowley Albert
Cox Henry William
Downing  H ( Bert Fairhill)
Ford Water William
Fricker  Frederick Josiah
Fry William Henry
Gardener William Alfred Helstone
Gay George Alfred Hewitt
Hall Henry
Harding  Henry
Harold Arthur Bartholomen
Haskins James William
Heppensrall George Percival
Hillier Ambrose Charles
Hillyer David Thomas
Hobbs John Graham
Hooper  Harold Thomas
House Leslie Clifford B
House William
Hussey James Cuthbert
Hussey William Henry
Hutchings Ernest
Jefferies Evan J
Johnson  Cecil B
Jones Joseph W
Jones S C
King Walter George William
Lacey James Ernest
Leake Frederick Henry
Legg Samuel
Leonard Frederick J
Little James
Lovell Walter
Maggs Frederick George
Nash Arthur James
Parnell William Henry
Phipps Herbert George
Pow  Frank
Prout Bertie
Pullen William Stanley
Radford William James
Reed Victor Vernon Ewart
Reed Reginald Alfred James 
Reed  Stanley
Richards Ernest William
Richards Thomas Henry
Roach Herbert
Rossiter Herbert Charles
Rossiter Ernest William
Scott Albert Victor
Sheppard C E - Bert
Short Herbert
Sims Frederick
Stark Harold
Stone Sidney Clifford
Stone William
Terrett Frank Charles
Terrett Henry T
Thomas Henry George
Townsend Albert Edward
Weeks Alfred Daniel
White Henry Joseph
Williams W  (4 casulties recored here)
Woodington  Churchill
The Memorial Plaque.

A Memorial Plaque was issued after the First World War to the next-of-kin of all British and Empire service personnel who were killed as a result of the war.

The plaques (which could be described as large plaquettes) were made of bronze, and hence popularly known as the "Dead Man’s Penny", because of the similarity in appearance to the somewhat smaller penny coin. 1,355,000 plaques were issued, which used a total of 450 tonnes of bronze, and continued to be issued into the 1930s to commemorate people who died as a consequence of the war. 


Stars and Medals awarded for Service in the 1914 to 1918 War.

A Guide to British Campaign Medals of WW1 can be found on the The Great War 1914 - 1918 site.